2. Advanced Engineering Program
  3. Advanced Program in the Production and Environment System

Advanced Engineering Program

Advanced Course of Production and Environmental System

The advanced course of production and environment system provides expertise and technique relevant to machine, electronic control, production system, and civil engineering and urban environment. We aim to produce practical and creative engineers who are able to conduct research and development in the fields of intelligent mechanical equipment, manufacturing systems, and the development of infrastructure.

List of previous Special Research

? On the seismic risk of the active fault in Shinshu region
? Design of Mechanism for Solid Printer using Inkjet Technology
? Development of Measurement and Analysis System of Time-Varying Signals
? Production of wind tunnel and characteristic experiment of impinging jet
? Reinforcement Effect of RC Beam Strengthened with Continuous Fiber Sheet
? Intracore-fabricated Optical Fiber Filter with Line Spectrum and High Finesse
? Effect of Rolling Reduction on Mechanical Property in Cast Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloy Plate
? Sled Frame Deformation Properties of Skeleton
? Ion Temperature Measurement in Magnetized Plasmas by Probe Method
? Evaluation of maintenance plan of priority street for pedestrian considering estimation structure of a form of street
? Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nano Composites
? Research of reciprocating pump with buoyancy Advance course of Production and Environment System
? Fabrication and estimation of a rf transmission line device with a CoSm magnetic thin film
? On the FEM analysis of the impact echo method in a concrete nondestructive diagnostics
? Applying of solder-fl ux in BGA mount process using inkjet-technology
? Research and Development of 3-Dimensional Copy and Application
? Fracture and Deformation Behavior of Polymers for Cryogenic Applications

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