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Department of Civil Engineering

The curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the theories of the Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics, Global Environment, Surveying, and Information Processing, and is specifically focused on the natural and social environment for safe and culturally enriched lives. This curriculum is also designed to encourage students to further their knowledge in their specialized areas. It aims to foster engineers who are well versed in environmental issues and have the versatility skills that will allow them to take full advantage of their knowledge. Graduates of this department will be qualified as assistant surveyors, and after three additional years of experience, can receive the qualification of a full-fledged surveyor without taking further exams.

Admission Policies

Department of Civil Engineering seeks those who:
(1) Are interested in building a society aht permits the advancement of human beings in harmony with their environments;
(2) Want to design and build infrastructures, such as roads, bridges, water supply and sewerage, and airports;
(3) Want to learn about city planning and the environment.

Major facilities and apparatuses

The department provides students the use of the Material Experiments Laboratory, Concrete Experiments Laboratory, Hydraulic Experiments Laboratory, Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory, Sanitation Experiments Laboratory, Drawing Room, and Room for Computer Aided Design. The classes are designed to ground students in basic theories through the use of various experiments and practical experience.

Department Staff

Title Degree Name Research Field Keyword for Research Field
Professor Doctor of Engineering Yoshiyasu Yanagisawa Transportation Engineering, Urban Planning Transportation Planning for the Small District in Urban Area, Pedestrian Behavior, Public Transport System, Urban Disaster Prevention, Transportation Network Reliability
Professor Doctor of Engineering Norio Endoh Concrete Engineering Reinforcement by High-Strength Sheets of RCBeam, Porous Concrete, Structure Analysis
Professor Doctor of Engineering Yoshinori Furumoto Earthquake Engineering, Mitigation of Seismic Disaster Seismic Response Analysis of Ground, Aseismic Design of Structure
Professor Doctor of Engineering Yoshio Nishikawa Architectural Acoustics, Architectural Environmental Room Acoustics, Speech Transmission, Sound Insulation Material, Noise and Vibration control, Environmental Psychology
Professor Doctor of Engineering Eiji Matsushita Geotechnical Engineering Soil Exploration, Shear characteristics of Soil, Consolidation characteristics of Soil, Liquefaction
Professor Doctor of Engineering Mizuki Sakai Water Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics, River Engineering Environmental Behavior Analysis, Diffuse Pollution, Organohalogen compounds pollution
Associate Professor Master of Engineering Kenya Asano Sanitary Engineering Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion, Hydrogen Fermentation
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Naoki Todoroki Instructure Planning and Management City Center Revitalization, Travel Behavior Analysis, Public Transportation, Regional Planning
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Yusuke Okuyama Structural Engineering,Bridge Engineering Carbon Fiber Sheet,Steel Structures,Repair-Reinforce
Assistant Professor Ryohei Ohara Concrete Engineering, Structural Engineering
Professor Doctor of Engineering Jyunichi Yaguchi
716 Tokuma, Nagano City, 381-8550 JAPAN Phone:+81-26-295-7003

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