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General Education

School of General Education offers a fundamental education to all Associate degree and advanced program students. The courses provided in this school are designed to promote well-balanced engineers and citizens that have a wide range of perspectives. The courses are high in quality and are taught by faculty members who are specialists in many fields, including science and humanities.

The courses consist of basic courses concerning the liberal arts. The courses are intended to provide students with fundamental knowledge that is directly relevant to getting specialized education in each department, including mathematics, physics, and information processing. Liberal arts courses are designed to equip students with a wide range of knowledge about subjects, including, Japanese, English, social studies, ethics, literature, history, economics, law, psychology, and second foreign languages.

Department Staff

Title Degree Name Research Field Keyword for Research Field
Professor Doctor of Engineering, Master of Science Shigeki Kobayashi Algebra, Mathematical Education Finite Field, Computer-aided Education
Professor Doctor of Science Kouji Ohnishi Astrophysics, Physics Gravitational Lens, Microlensing, Extrasolar planet, Educa tion in Astronomy, Education in Science F0
Professor Doctor of Literature Kazuo Kubota Oriental History Kaifeng, Song Dynasty, Political Culture, Comparative Capital History, Luoyang,Khan-baliq
Professor Doctor of Literature Hiroaki Koike Heian period Waka, Japanese Expression Particles, Auxiliaries, Constructions, Scenes, Intentions
Professor Doctor of Science Tomoyuki Itaya Colloid Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Metallomesogen, Polymer Complex, Carbon Nano Material, Supramolecule
Professor Doctor of Science Naoki Hamaguchi Algebra Ring Theory, Derivation, Skew Polynomial Ring
Professor Master of Education Hideki Kodama Sports Psychology, Sports Methodology Motor Control, Motor Learning, Basketball, Direction of a Basketball Shot, Developmental Application of Ancient Martial Arts (Kobujutsu)
Professor Doctor of Mathematical Science Atsushi Hayashimoto Several Complex Variables, CR Geometry CR Manifolds, CR Invariants, Graded Lie Algebras, Cartan Connection, Principal Bundles
Professor Master of Arts in Literature Wagen Tominaga American Literature H.D.Thorean, R.W.Emerson, Nature, American transcendentalism
Professor Master of Education Jun Takakuwa Applied Linguistics Sentence Comprehension and Production
Associate Professor Doctor of Science Norihiro Okumura Nuclear Physics, Science Education Nuclear Reaction, Natural Radiation, Radiation Detection, Scientific Toy
Associate Professor Doctor of Science Yoshihiro Hirato Topology Homotopy Group,Toda Bracket, Rational Homotopy Theory,
Associate Professor Doctor of Literature Mamiko Komiyama American Literature,American Culture Literary theory, Psychoanalytic Criticism, Terrorism and Violence, Representational Culture, Recordation
Lecturer Maki Yamasaki
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Shin Yaginuma Surface Physics, Nanoscience Metallic Nanostructure, Bismuth, Amorphous, Plasmonics
Associate Professor Master of Education Masaki Akase Humanities, Linguistics, Foreign language education Communication, English language teaching, Second language aquisition, Vocabulary acquisition, Learning strategies, Learner variables, Development of teaching materials
Associate Professor Doctor of History Jun Niboshi the History of Japan, the Ancient History, the Education History Social History, Cultural History, School
Associate Professor Hirokazu Nishinobu
Lecturer Doctor of Science Daiki Obara algebra Ring theory/Homological algebra/Representation theory of algebras
Lecturer Ph.D. (Engineering) Takizawa Yoshihiro Carbon Material Engineering, Material Engineering Carbon Materials, Composite Materials, Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Associate Professor Master of Literature MAKI Chinatsu Japanese modern literature   MIYAZAWA Kenji,Literature for farmers,cooperative
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Master of Science in Education (TESOL) Kent Kristofer James Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual Education, Dual Language Instruction Expression and Communication, Academic writing, English presentation, English four skills development, Vocabulary acquisition, English literature, Liberal Arts
Lecturer Taichi Shimazaki
Professor Doctor of Engineering, Master of Health and Physical Education Ryoji Uchiyama Sport Methodology, Sports, Engineering, Hu man Dy-Namics Track and Field Athletics, Sprint Running, Coaching, Sports Surfaces
Professor Toshiyuki Sakuma
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