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Department of Electronics and Control Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Control Engineering was established in 1992, after becoming independent from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Its goal is to educate students who will become engineers and who are able to utilize technology that require knowledge in a wide range of fields such as mechanical engineering, electronics,  information processing and control engineering. The Department was established in response to the recognition that electronical/mechanical technology and computers are applied in several products and facilities today and that a remarkable technological revolution is now taking place. It teaches Control Systems Technologies alongside a  fundamental education in mechanical, electrical, and information processing engineering. The Department’s aim is to cultivate engineers who are capable of utilizing their knowledge and skills in Mechatronics through the construction of various devices performed in industrial application.

Admission Policies

Department of Electronics and Control Engineering seeks those who:
(1) Are interested in mechatronics, robotics and manufacturing products;
(2) Want to learn a wide variety of technologies, such as those involved in machines, electronics and electricity, control devices and computers;
(3) Want to acquire the ability to use manufacturing techniques in the product development and other fields.

Major facilities and apparatuses

The Department provides students with substantial equipment designed for practical engineers who have the capability of utilizing their knowledge and skills in order to develop,manufacture,and maintain various devices. Students work in the Basic Electronics Laboratory to conduct electric and electronic experiments, the Control Experiments Laboratory to learn about control system analysis and design, the Production Technology Laboratory to practice manufacturing processes, and the production systems and CAD, and the New Materials Laboratory to perform materials manufacturing and testing.

Department Staff

Title Degree Name Research Field Keyword for Research Field
Professor Doctor of Medical Science Nobuyuki Ono Bionics, Mechatronics Biometry, Mechatronics Engineering
Professor Doctor of Engineering Katsumi Horiguchi Evaluation of Material Systems Material and Mechanics, Fracture and Deformation, Mechanical Properties, Cryogenic Temperatures, Electromagnetic Fields
Professor Doctor of Engineering Hideto Tanaka Application of piezoelectric element,Electromagnetic brake Piezoelectric element, Actuator, Sensor,Electromagnetic brake
Professor Doctor of Engineering Hidetoshi Nakayama Magnetics Magnetics, Microwave Device, High Frequency Magnetic Applications
Associate Professor Master of Engineering Takayuki Nakajima Control Engineering, Image Processing Measurement System, Signal Processing
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Shinya Suzuki Optical Measurement Optical Measurement, Micro-tool, Tool Tip Position
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Daiki Hanaoka Non-traditional Machining Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM), Microfabrication, Ceramic materials
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Yuko Mesuda Garment Simulation Virtual Draping, Motion Capture, Manipulation of Cloth Model
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Hiromasa Yamada Plasma applications Low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma/ Plasma characteristics measurement/ Surface treatment
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