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Department of Electronics and Computer Science

Department of Electronics and Computer Science was established in 1989. Its purpose is to train students to become engineers possessing hardware skills related to electronic engineering, software skills related to computer science, and overall skills related to electronics and computer science.
This department places great importance on developing students’ understanding, creativity, and judgment, and on cultivating their ability to positively approach unknown fields in order to keep up with the rapid advances in electronic engineering and computer science. The department offers subjects that lead to acquiring qualifications including the Fundamental Information Technology Engineer qualifying examination, and nurture the positive attitude of students.

Admission Policies

Department of Electronics and Computer Science seeks those who:
(1) Are interested in the mechanisms and principles of computers and the Internet;
(2) Want to build electronic circuits and programs on their own and actively run them;
(3) Want to study cutting-edge information and communication technology, and plan to pursue a career in the field of electronics and computer science.

Major facilities and apparatuses

The department utilizes laboratory equipment, such as microcomputers and electronic circuits, related to microcomputers, and practical computer network training facilities. The information processing laboratory enables students not only to train in the basics of programming, but also in a wide range of applications using a network of 50 personal computers.
Wireless LAN systems are available in laboratories and classrooms for third-year students and above, and the laptop personal computers that are purchased in the third year are utilized for coursework and connected to the network.

Department Staff

Title Degree Name Research Field Keyword for Research Field
Professor Doctor of Engineering Masami Nirei Electric Machinery Electromagnetic Actuator, Electromagnetic Sensor, Electromagnetic Analysis, Finite Element Method, Multivariate Analysis
Professor Doctor of Philosophy Osamu Nishimura Astrophysics Neutron Star, Radiative Transfer, Numerical Analysis
Professor Doctor of Engineering Yoshinori Fujisawa Cryptographic Theory, Communication Engineering Cryptographic Algorithm, Network
Professor Doctor of Science Shoichi Ito
Professor Doctor of Engineering Kazuki Ashida Pattern Recognition Character Recognition, Expression Recognition, Text Locating
Associate Professor Bachelor of Science Kenichi Ohya Music and Computer Sound Synthesis
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Yutaka Fujita Coding Theory, Software Engineering Error-Correcting Codes, Software Documentation
Associate Professor
Professor Doctor of Engineering Kyoichi Oshida Carbon Material Engineering, Image Analysis Application of image analysis, Electrical properties of carbon materials, Textural and structural analysis, Optical microscopy and electron microscopy
716 Tokuma, Nagano City, 381-8550 JAPAN Phone:+81-26-295-7003

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