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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to cultivate students' abilities to develop and design various products, such as automobiles and robots, and develop manufacturing systems. Therefore, the Department places great importance on basic theories of mechanical engineering that concern manufacturing. All basic theories are applied to the curriculum and practices so that they can be understood through practical experiments. For example, in 4th-year practical creative engineering class, the students are offered a project-based learning education, in which they acquire a deeper understanding of the theories by designing and manufacturing their own robots in groups.
The department also places strong emphasis on drafting designs of machines using hand-written drafting techniques in the 3rd year, and on designing several types of creative mechanisms using 3-dimensional CAD/CAE system in the 5th year.

Admission Policies

Department of Mechanical Engineering seeks those who:
(1) Are interested in designing machines such as automobiles and robots;
(2) Want to acquire the skills to design and manufacture environmentally-friendly products with the help of computers;
(3) Are interested in experimenting with new materials having various properties.

Major facilities and apparatuses

  • ・A 3D milling machine, which allows students to produce things easily without technical knowledge.
  • ・A glass cylinder, which shows a combustion situation.
  • ・A rotary engine, which incorporates a rotating piston and is used in the automobile.
  • ・Francis Turbine and Pelton Turbine, which are prepared to perform experiments.
  • ・A surface roughness meter, which measures a material's surface profile and roughness with a maximum magnification of 100,000 times.
  • ・A universal machine for measuring length, which is used to record the length of various gauges, jigs, tools, and precision components.

Department Staff

Title Degree Name Research Field Keyword for Research Field
Professor Doctor of Engineering Akihiko Nagasaka Material Properties and Processing, Sporting Goods Engineering Ultrasonic Vibration, Aluminum Alloy Casting, TRIP Steel, Carbon Nano Fiber Composite, Skeleton
Professor Doctor of Engineering Manabu Okada Machine Elements, Mechanical Instrumentation, Precision Machining Screw Tightening, Feed Screw, Automobile, Ultrasonic Vibration, Brittle Materials Machining
Associate Professor Master of Engineering Mitsunari Kitayama Mechanics, Strength of Materials Finite Element Method, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Inverse Problem, Neural Network
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Daisuke Miyashita Dynamics of Machinery, Textile Machinery Weaving Machine,Vibration Analysis, Mechanical Noise,Automation
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Makoto Miyazaki Materials Science and Technology, Metal Forming Aluminum Alloy, Impact Engineering, Energy Absorption, High Energy Rate Forming, Magnetic Pulse Welding
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Yusuke Kobayashi Welfare Tools, Mechatronics Welfare Tools, Wheelchair, Automation, Mechatronics, Robotics
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Kenji Yanagisawa Tribology, System Engineering Surface Processing, Mechanical Surface, Solid Lubricant, Reliability Assessment, Optimal Design
Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering Akiko Soma Thermal Fluid Engineering, Fluid dynamics Energy saving Technology, Pulsating Flow, Fluid Friction, Force-Convection Heat Transfer, Flow visualization
Lecturer Doctor of Engineering Ren Kadowaki Dynamics of Machinery, Biomechanics, Food Engineering, Ergonomics Ultrasound, Diagnosis, Non-Destructive Testing, Vibration Analysis, Food Texture
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