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  3. タイ・テクニカルカレッジから30名の学生が来校しました (30 Thai Students Visited Our College in September)


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タイ・テクニカルカレッジから30名の学生が来校しました (30 Thai Students Visited Our College in September)





【学生課国際交流支援係】 電話:026-295-7504


 From September 17th to the 27th, 30 students visited our college from the Science-Based Technology Vocational College (Chonburi) and from Suranaree Technical College, run by the Office of Vocational Education Committee, Ministry of Education, Thailand. This program has been conducted every year since 2014 based on our MOUs, aiming to promoting exchange between Japanese students and Thai students.

 During their stay in Nagano, they joined classes and club activities at our college. In classes, they participated in experiments and practices in each department, and were a part of group discussions with Nagano KOSEN students. In club activities, they learned Japanese culture such as, traditional music, and tea ceremony. They experienced not only Japanese traditional culture but also activities specific to KOSEN, that is, applying engineering skills into creating new things, in ROBOCON Project Team, Aerospace Club, and Solar Car Club. Nagano KOSEN students made efforts to explain what they were learning in classes and what they did in their clubs in English. In addition, outside of college, they visited two corporations in Nagano.

 We would like to continue this program as it is a good opportunity for both of Nagano KOSEN students and Thai students to experience communication in foreign language and diversity.

Contact Information: Student Affairs Division (International Exchange)

Tel: +81-26-295-7504

電子制御工学科との交流 (Department of Electronics and Control Engineering)
電子制御工学科との交流 (Department of Electronics and Control Engineering)

邦楽部との交流 (Traditional Japanese Music Club)
邦楽部との交流 (Traditional Japanese Music Club)

修了式 (Completion Ceremony)
修了式 (Completion Ceremony)

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