National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Nagano College was established in April 1963, with the aim of providing students with in-depth technical knowledge and skills, and thereby cultivating the abilities required in their professional fields. The Advanced Engineering Program, established in April 2003, allows students to further advance their specialized knowledge and skills.
Advanced Engineering Program
Advanced Engineering Program was established for the purpose of developing further the engineer education to the 5 year course of the college of technology, and cultivating engineers with more advanced and broader information. This program consists of 2 specialties, "Advanced Course of Production and Environment System" and "Advanced Course of Electric and Information System".
The Center was established to realize the effective information processing education in this ageof a highly information orientated society.
Kosen is regarded as one of the higher institutions of learning similar to universities and junior colleges in Japan. Nagano Kosen is the only national college in Nagano Prefecture, founded in April, 1963.

From students entering in 2022
To cultivate the kind of creative, globally-minded, and cross-disciplinary engineers that are in demand in modern society, the university reorganized its existing five departments into a single 'Faculty of Engineering' in 2022.

Until students entering in 2021
The Department of Mechanical Engineering aims to cultivate the ability to develop and design various products such as automobiles and robots, and the ability to the develop manufacturing system.

Until students entering in 2021
Students will be prepared to handle future developments in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. A high priority is placed on Laboratory Work.

Until students entering in 2021
The Department was established in response to the undeniable fact that electronic technology and conmuters are used in products and facilities today and that a remarkable technological revolution is now taking place.

Until students entering in 2021
The Department of Electronics and Computer Science was established in 1989. The purpose of the department is to train the students to become engineers who possess hardware skills with relation to electronic engineering, software skills related to computer science, and overall skills concerned with electronics and computer science.

Until students entering in 2021
The curriculum is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the theories of the Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics, Global Environment, Surveying, and Information Processing, and is specifically focused on the natural and social environment for safe and culturally enriched lives.

Until students entering in 2021
The subjects of General Education are offered to the students of all departments and they consist of courses offered at the high school level as well as at junior college level.
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