2. Advanced Engineering Program

Advanced Engineering Program

The Advanced Engineering Programs follows the five-year basic education, the Industrial System Engineering Program, and graduation from the Technical College regular course. It allows students to study for an additional two years to become engineers with more advanced knowledge.
Students who come to the Programs have already acquired scholastic attainments equal to those reached by 4th-year university students, and the Advanced Engineering Programs include education programs equal to those offered in the master’s course.
The programs are highly evaluated, and therefore, students are exempted from the first consultant engineer examination. Students start their career as engineers and can receive higher education in foreign countries. In addition, the curriculum enables students to acquire a wider knowledge not limited to their specialized field.
A Bachelor’s degree in engineering is given to students who complete the Advanced Engineering Programs and pass the examination given in the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation. The degree is equivalent to graduating from a university. After graduation, students continue research and development in companies, or transfer to graduate school of national or private universities to take further education.
The Advanced Engineering Programs consist of two advanced courses: the advanced production and environment system course, as well as the advanced electric and information system course. Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Electronics and Control Engineering Department, and the Civil Engineering Department aspire to take the advanced course of production and environment system. Graduates of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department and the Electronics and Computer Science Department aspire to take the advanced course of electric and information system.

Advanced Course of Production and Environment System

The advanced course of production and environment system provides expertise and technique relevant to machine, electronic control, production system, and civil engineering and urban environment. We aim to produce practical and creative engineers who are able to conduct research and development in the fields of intelligent mechanical equipment, manufacturing systems, and the development of infrastructure.

Advanced Course of Electric and Information System

The advanced course of electric and information system provides expertise and techniques relevant to electronics, information, and electric power. We aim to nurture practical and creative engineers who are able to conduct research and development in the fi elds of electronic communication systems, and computer and information systems.

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